Volunteer Policies

Volunteer Responsibilities

A volunteer agrees to:

  • Accept the role of volunteer as a professional commitment and behave accordingly
  • Represent the Chinatown Foundation in an appropriate and responsible manner at all times while on shift
  • Be aware of and abide by the policies and procedures of the designated role
  • Attend training sessions as scheduled and maintain a standard of competence in completing assigned tasks
  • Work independently and/or as a team member when required
  • Be prompt and reliable in reporting for assigned shifts
  • Notify the appropriate supervisor as soon as possible if unable to work scheduled shift(s) because of illness or some unexpected reason
  • Be consistent and timely about keeping accurate hours
  • Dress appropriately for the position assigned
  • Communicate with the appropriate supervisor to resolve any problems or concerns
  • Provide the Chinatown Foundation with adequate notice before terminating his/her position


Volunteer Rights

A volunteer may expect to:

  • Work at a position that is worthwhile and challenging while leveraging existing skills and/or developing new ones
  • Receive ongoing training with clear and specific directions from the supervisor
  • Be an important part of the Chinatown Foundation and be recognized for his/her accomplishments in both formal and informal ways
  • Receive periodic feedback
  • Be advised of opportunities to change his/her placement if desired



Scheduling for volunteer shifts vary depending on your availability and the assigned role. Please view our list of Current Volunteer Opportunities to see which roles align with your availability and interests.


Expectation of Commitment to Shifts

Once confirmed for a volunteer shift, it is expected that you will commit to working those shifts. Please make an effort to be punctual for the beginning of your scheduled volunteer shift. If you are going to be late or absent due to traffic, an illness or emergency, contact your supervisor and/or the Chinatown Foundation line ahead of time or, as soon as possible, if prior notice is not possible.


Shift Cancellation

The Chinatown Foundation reserves the right to cancel shifts. A shift can be cancelled at any time prior to your arrival. We will try our best to give you 48 hours’ notice of a shift cancelation, but sometimes that is not possible. Most shift cancellations will come from programming that is cancelled due to low enrolment, inclement weather or emergency situations. If you have any questions or concerns, please speak with your supervisor.



At any time if you require a break, please let a staff member know and/or coordinate with teammates to fulfill your volunteer responsibilities.


Cell Phones

Cell phones should only be used if absolutely necessary and kept on silent mode during a volunteer shift.



Some volunteer roles may deal with sensitive materials and/or personal information, and will be required to sign a confidentiality agreement. Please check in with your Supervisor to find out more.


Photo Release Agreement

Volunteers are expected to be comfortable representing the Vancouver Chinatown Foundation (“VCF”) across online and offline promotional materials, and grant their consent by signing off on the Photo Release Agreement in the Volunteer Application form. By signing off on the Photo Release Agreement, volunteers grant the Vancouver Chinatown Foundation permission to use photographs in all or current future paper and electronic publications, including blogs, websites, e-newsletters, used by and representing the Vancouver Chinatown Foundation.

Please see the Volunteer Application form for full details, or email [email protected] for any additional questions.

Volunteering Procedure

  1. Visit our Website to learn about our current available volunteer opportunities and projects
  2. Apply for a specific assignment
  3. Fill out a Volunteer Application Form to provide your contact information and personal information necessary for volunteering. The form will help us to accommodate your availability, interests and skills.
  4. Participate in an in-person or phone interview with a volunteer supervisor to determine your fit and interest in a volunteer role
  5. Provide two references who can give an objective evaluation of your skills and character
  6. Upon the offer and acceptance of a volunteer opportunity, attend a volunteer orientation to learn more about your designated responsibilities
  7. Communicate with your supervisor to determine a shift schedule, and use our online portal to view, accept, and modify shifts
  8. Schedule a first shadow shift with your supervisor
  9. Have fun!


Contact Information

Volunteer Coordinator | [email protected]

Thank you so much for your interest and great support.

We look forward to working with you to support the revitalization of Chinatown.