About Us

The Vancouver Chinatown Foundation is a registered charity founded in 2011 to honour a culture and community established in Vancouver more than 100 years ago. The organization is characterized by a spirit of entrepreneurship, innovation and a passion to help the revitalization of Chinatown, one of Canada’s most iconic neighborhoods and the historic heart of Vancouver.

Our Mission

The Vancouver Chinatown Foundation is dedicated to building a more resilient and inclusive community by promoting the wellbeing of those in need while preserving Chinatown’s irreplaceable cultural heritage. Our ongoing projects focus on creating a lasting positive impact such as affordable housing, seniors housing, and cultural and economic development.

Our Vision

We have a vision of a prosperous, vibrant, and inclusive Chinatown, where people want to live, work and play.

Our Revitalization Strategy

Our Revitalization efforts must find a balance between preserving tradition and enabling a sustainable future for Vancouver’s Chinatown. Our strategy to revitalize this important neighbourhood are grounded on three interconnected pillars:

Physical Revitalization & Affordable Housing

Improve and increase the supply of quality housing in Chinatown and the Downtown Eastside
Support family associations in preserving and rehabilitating historic buildings

Projects: 58 West Hastings & May Wah Hotel

Economic Revitalization

Support and attract a healthy mix of traditional Chinese businesses and culturally appropriate shops that complement the natural evolution of Chinatown while respecting its historic character

Projects: Economic Revitalization Program, Chinatown Vintage, Foo Hung Curios, Taste of Chinatown, and Light Up Chinatown! festival

Cultural Revitalization

Provide and highlight facilities that share Chinatown’s rich cultural heritage and historical significance
Engage the community to share their stories and experiences of Chinatown for generations to come

Project: Chinatown Storytelling Centre