Aiming to shine a light on the rich heritage, resilience, and vibrant spirit of this cherished community, our hard work would not be possible without the unwavering support and engaging conversations that revolve around our mission. Here are some of the articles mentioning the Vancouver Chinatown Foundation and our constant effort in creating a lasting impact in this amazing community.

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From September 9-10, the annual outdoor festival invites everyone to explore Vancouver’s Chinatown



AUGUST 10, 2023

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JULY 6, 2023

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JUNE 29, 2023

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JUNE 20, 2023


JUNE 5, 2023

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MAY 23, 2023

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MAY 12, 2023

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APRIL 10, 2023

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MARCH 24, 2023

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DECEMBER 6, 2022

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