Economic Revitalization Program

The Economic Revitalization Program (ERP) is a collaborative and community-driven initiative dedicated to revitalizing Vancouver's Historic Chinatown.

With a strong emphasis on community involvement, the ERP focuses on five pillars: physical restoration; revitalizing the local economy; increasing vibrancy; preserving history and heritage; and enabling self-sustainability. This program aims to create a welcoming environment, support local businesses, modernize the neighborhood, and celebrate its cultural significance.

Projects and Initiatives

The Chinatown Impact Fund

The Chinatown Impact Fund is a dedicated initiative aimed at supporting the revitalization and growth of local businesses in Chinatown. Led by the Vancouver Chinatown Foundation, this program is intended to foster economic growth in the neighborhood while continuing to promote it’s unique cultural identity. With support of the Provincial Government and the City of Vancouver through the Special Enterprise Program, this Fund will provide businesses with financial resources to undertake projects that will further their growth and contribute to the vibrancy of the community.

Find details on eligibility and how to apply in the program guide below.

Light Up Chinatown!

Light up Chinatown! Is a free two-day outdoor family-friendly community celebration that welcomes friends and visitors back to our beloved Chinatown. Enjoy special live performances, food trucks, lights and colourful decorations, while exploring specialty offerings from local merchants and restaurants in our historic neighborhood.

The Chinatown Projection

The Chinatown Projection is one of the Vancouver Chinatown Foundation’s newest initiatives to revitalize Chinatown. This permanent projection installation at the Chinatown Storytelling Centre will project archival images from the vibrant Chinatown community onto the Chin Wing Chun Society building. This unique initiative is the first of its kind, leading the way for a new era of storytelling.

The Foundation is collaborating with community associations in Chinatown to curate photos and videos to showcase intertwined stories of Chinatown’s history, characters, and various narratives to celebrate the rich cultural heritage of Vancouver’s Historic Chinatown.

Those interested in contributing or have any inquiries, please feel free to email or call 604-979-8368.

Thank you!

With the support of corporate partners, community leaders, and volunteers, the Economic Revitalization Program empowers the Vancouver Chinatown Foundation to promote sustainable economic growth, preserve cultural heritage, and enhance community well-being.

Treasure Green Tea Company

The successful initiatives the Foundation undertook brought awareness for Chinatown and its merchant community. Treasure Green experienced tremendous support from the Foundation and the Gifts from Chinatown event.

Olivia Chan
Owner & Second Generation Tea Master

RBC Royal Bank

It feels great and awesome to be able to participate in this type of initiative.

Max Liu
Business Account Manager

Kam Wai Dim Sum

With the help of the Vancouver Chinatown Foundation, I was able to connect with Max for the CEBA loan. With the loan, we were able to continue with our plans, it helped us significantly.

William Liu
Owner Operator

Parq Vancouver

It feels great and awesome to be able to participate in this type of initiative.

Peter Goudron
President & CEO