US-Canada Chinatown Solidarity Summit

The first-ever US-Canada Chinatown Solidarity Summit was held on May 23rd and 24th, 2023, bringing together over 50 prominent leaders from 17 Chinatowns across the United States and Canada along with U.S. Ambassador to Canada David L. Cohen, elected officials, and community leaders.

The summit recognized the historical and cultural significance of Chinatowns, as well as the need for action and collaboration to address systemic issues impacting Chinatowns across the world. Building upon generations of work from previous leaders and generations from Chinatowns, it aimed to chart a better path forward for all Chinatowns and ethnocultural neighbourhoods confronting similar issues.

The focus of the Summit was on three essential pillars: Cultural and Historic Preservation, Economic Revitalization, and Public Safety.

(L to R) David L. Cohen, U.S. Ambassador to Canada, Carol Lee, Chair, Vancouver Chinatown Foundation, Ken Sim, Mayor, City of Vancouver

“With targeted investment and smart development policies, Chinatown communities across our two nations can once again become thriving economic centers that also preserve the cultural heritage of so many city residents.”

— David L. Cohen, U.S. Ambassador to Canada

“Revitalizing Chinatown means investing in infrastructure, providing support to local businesses, and embracing the artists, entrepreneurs and visionaries who dared push the boundaries to keep our traditions alive.”

— Ken Sim, Mayor, City of Vancouver

Vancouver Chinatown Foundation, with support from the U.S. Mission to Canada, have released the findings from U.S.-Canada Chinatown Cultural Preservation & Revitalization Summit. Bringing together prominent leaders from 17 Chinatowns across the United States and Canada, the summit generated insights that now serve as a powerful roadmap for Chinatowns and ethnic enclaves to address critical issues and foster stronger collaboration between communities.

Thank you!

The Summit would not have been possible without the support from the U.S. Mission to Canada along with Presenting Sponsor Deloitte Digital, Silver Sponsor RBC, and Bronze Sponsors Chan Family Foundation, Destination Vancouver, and TD. Thank you!

U.S. Ambassador to Canada

The history and triumphs of Chinese Canadians and Americans remind us how important it is to sustain the unique treasure that is our equitable, inclusive Chinatown society.

David L. Cohen

Stand with Asian Americans

Anywhere you go in the world, the US, Canada, the UK, you step into a Chinatown, and you feel safe, you feel full belonging as a human being.

Justin Zhu
Co-Founder & Executive Director

Welcome to Chinatown

The most impactful work that we’ve done is when we bridge the multiple generations to champion something together. Intergenerational work is a requirement to continue to pave the way into our future Chinatown.

Jennifer Tam