Vancouver Chinatown's First Online Marketplace

The character 禮 (lai) in the logo means “gift” or “etiquette”, illuminating the importance of paying respect in in everything that we do, and the positive impact our gratitude and humility can create for the future.

Gifts from Chinatown is the Vancouver Chinatown Foundation's way of celebrating the neighbourhood's heritage and bringing some holiday cheer to the Lower Mainland during an extraordinarily difficult winter. Highlighting items that invoke a sense of nostalgia, we hope you learn a little bit more about why we love Chinatown.

Gifts from Chinatown are thoughtful, unique, and practical gift ideas for your loved ones. They also help honour an integral piece of our city’s cultural history and contribute to the Foundation's COVID-19 Economic Recovery Program.

Every item has been sourced from Vancouver's Chinatown.

Celebrating Our Culture Through Honouring Our Community

Vancouver’s Chinatown was created in the late 1880s by Chinese workers who banded together to create safety and mutual assistance in a hostile place. The neighbourhood continues to serve its community to this day and is an important part of our City’s heritage. Its stories are gifts that continue to remind us of what community means.

Another important component of initiative are the stories of the participating merchants, who serve the community daily and retain integral pieces of our city’s cultural heritage. Businesses in Chinatown have always played a key role in our intangible collective memory. The diverse set of stories in Chinatown is in itself a gift that we must cherish and pay respects to.

You can read their stories on the Gifts from Chinatown website.